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History of Tai Chi

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The History of Tai Chi

Tai Chi was originated in China several hundred years ago. There are two main theories to who was the founder of Tai Chi: one claims it was first developed by a solitary person, Chang San-Feng, who lived 600 years ago on the Wu-Tang Mountain in China. The other maintained that Chen Wang-Ting was the founder and creator of the Chen Tai Chi Family.

Traditionally, the teaching of Tai Chi was kept a secret and it was known only to being passed directly from ones master to student. The secrecy prevailed when one of the student, Yang Lu-San of the Chen Family broaden this art throughout China and now the around the world. Due to the Yang’s willingness to teach students across China, the Yang style of Tai Chi is now the most widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world. The present form of Tai Chi we see today was developed by Yang Lu-San’s grandson, Yang Cheng-fu, who lived around for the turn of the century.

Tai Chi is two different words, with two separate meanings. The word “Tai” means ‘Big’ or ‘Great’. “Chi” means the ‘ultimate energy’ or ‘great system’. Therefore, Taichi is about generating energy through movement.

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